iQ-Check S. Enteritidis kit

Salmonella Enteritidis

S. Enteritidis is the most common reported Salmonella serotype, and is mainly associated with poultry and eggs.

In the USA, regulations require targeted monitoring in the poultry/egg production environment then egg testing when S. Enteritidis is detected. In Europe, regulations have been implemented to monitor S. Enteritidis in poultry, from the primary production stage to the food products.

The early detection of the environmental contamination is a key point for a successful S. Enteritidis risk management.


iQ-Check S. Enteritidis

Based on real-time PCR, iQ-Check S. Enteritidis is a simple and rapid qualitative test suitable for the detection of S. Enteritidis in pooled eggs, poultry meat and environmental samples of primary production. Results are available in one day instead of several days for traditional culture methods.


Key Benefits

  • Fast release of negative samples:one day result, one step DNA extraction
  • Simple: ready-to-use reagents, automated detection and results interpretation
  • Flexible: 48 wells or 96 wells format for a high throughput, screening of up to 94 samples per run
  • Reliable: positive, negative and internal controls
  • Profitable: run in parallel with other iQ-Check tests
  • Fully integrated: all Bio-Rad reagents and instruments (from the enrichment to the confirmation with immune sera)