iQ-Check STEC Kits

The iQ-Check® STEC method consists of two kits, iQ-Check STEC VirX and iQ-Check STEC SerO, based on the fast, sensitive, and proven technology of real-time PCR.

The iQ-Check STEC VirX kit allows the separate detection of stx1-stx2 and eae virulence genes, in a single well, according the ISO TS 13136 or the USDA FSIS MLG5B.02 standard methods. In case of positive results, starting from the same DNA extract, the iQ-Check STEC SerO kit enables the detection of the Big 6 STEC (O26, O111, O45, O145, O121, and O103) plus E. coli O157:H7.

The method is intended for detecting STEC virulence genes and 7 major STEC serogroups in raw beef meats, raw milk products, produce and environmental samples.

Due to the sensitivity and specificity of PCR, detection of the virulence genes can be obtained in only few hours following microbial enrichment. The enrichment is as short as 10 hr for raw meat samples, and up to 15 hr for other samples.

Highly Specific and Reliable

The iQ-Check STEC kits use an optimized system of primers and patented probes to ensure high specificity. Both kits are multiplex kits and allow the detection of several targets in a single well, including an internal positive amplification control, which validates any negative result.

Maximum Flexibility

Developed as a flexible solution, iQ-Check STEC VirX kits can be used for up to 94 samples and iQ-Check STEC SerO kit for up to 30 samples. The two kits can be run in parallel, on Bio-Rad’s high throughput and multiplex real-time PCR systems

A Complete Solution

Bio-Rad offers a complete solution including enrichment media, real-time PCR kits, real-time PCR detection systems, in addition to software for automated analysis.

Key Benefits

Faster Results

  • Test results within hours after 10 hr enrichment
  • Rapid virulence gene screening of up to 94 samples

Easy To Use

  • Easy one step DNA extraction
  • Automated amplification and detection
  • Automatic result interpretation

Minimal Risk

  • Kits developed to comply with USDA FSIS testing requirements
  • Positive and negative PCR controls, plus an internal amplification control
  • Specific primers and probes

A complete Solution

  • Standardized Bio-Rad reagents:
  • Enrichment media
  • iQ-Check kits
  • Chromogenic agars
  • Validated Bio-Rad equipment and software for automated data analysis