ADAGIO™ is a system built around web application software and an imaging device to measure and interpret the inhibition zone size around antibiotic discs and to manage the susceptibility test results. The core software has been designed to make the ADAGIO System an easy and complete tool for the antimicrobial susceptibility testing management, from reading/interpretation to epidemiological reporting.

A complete system to generate rapid and accurate results

• Reading and interpreting antimicrobial disc susceptibility test in a single step after the plate loading
• Resistance markers detection, result corrections and clinician recommendations following the standard guidelines
• Direct interpretation and monitoring of laboratory QC results
• Surveillance of bacterial resistance trends, elimination of duplicates and infection monitoring
• Automated sterile sample management
• User profile definition with traceability of the actions
• Extended interface capability

Up-to-date technologies serving a fast, reliable and innovative system

• Automated database and dish image backup
• Limited maintenance to the QC routine
• Latest technologies for AST reading, lighting, web and communication

Networking, Interface to Information System (LIS), and Connectivity

• Software accessible, using web browser, through any networked computer
• Two-way ASTM or XML standard interface with the Laboratory Information System (LIS)
• Direct interface with micro dilution systems for overall AST results data management