ProteOn XPR36 Protein Interaction Array System

ProteOn XPR 36

The ProteOn XPR36 system is an optical biosensor capable of simultaneous measurement of 36 individual molecular interactions. It integrates a high-efficiency crisscross microfluidics system with a high-sensitivity optical system to generate data over the 6 x 6 interaction array, for the analysis of up to six ligands with panels of six analytes.

  • Real-time label-free measurements
  • Parallel processing of 6 samples or reagents simultaneously per injection
  • Online immobilization
  • Rapid results — screen up to 180 interactions/hour
  • Flexible sample configuration (tubes or microplates) — allows consolidation of repetitive samples
  • Temperature-controlled sensor surface (15–40°C) and cooled sample rack (2–35°C)
  • 2 buffer reservoirs with hardware and software control of the fluidics system
  • Status LEDs to monitor instrument, chip, experiment, and temperature state
  • Bar code recognition of sensor chips