CHEF-DR III Variable Angle System

The CHEF-DR III system combines PACE technology and proven CHEF technology into one easy-to-use instrument that lets you use up to three blocks of run conditions to generate high-resolution separations.

Not Just for Mapping

  • Strain typing-molecular epidemiology
  • Apoptosis assays
  • DNA damage and repair studies
  • Large protein separations

Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis Is Still the Benchmark for Mapping Applications

  • Disease locus mapping
  • YAC, BAC, PAC, and cosmid mapping
  • Chromosome rearrangements
  • RFLP and DNA fingerprinting


The CHEF-DR III system has some built-in automation. This unit will recall the last conditions used and implement that separation protocol. This unit will also remember the run conditions and run progress, and, if interrupted by power failure, it will resume the run at the point it was interrupted without user intervention.


With the CHEF-DR III system, conditions are entered by the user. The instruction manual features extensive examples of run conditions for users to input, based on a variety of size separation ranges.

Application Versatility

The versatile PACE architecture of the CHEF-DR III system makes fast, high-resolution separations of DNA molecules ranging from 200 kb to greater than 6 Mb possible. The CHEF-DR III system allows you to select the optimal voltage gradient, switch time, and angle for the specific size range. Separations can be further optimized by programming up to three consecutively executing blocks of run conditions, thus increasing the variety of possible run conditions.